EP: Wet Nuns – Broken Teeth

We’ve written about the Wet Nuns before (specifically here) but they’re back with a new EP  ‘Broken Teeth’. The  EP was recorded with Ross Orton (Yes, he of Arctic Monkeys, The Fall, MIA and  The Kills fame) at McCall Studios earlier this year. The release is planned for February 18th, just ahead of the band hitting the road for a full UK tour which starts in Newcastle on February 21st 2013. Better still, if you’re quick then its available to pre-order now on limited edition heavyweight 12″ vinyl from www.wetnuns.com.

Wet Nuns – Broken Teeth

Track one is the title track and its a rush of filthy guitar riffs and driving rhythm. In fact the whole song is an adrenalin fix, part Led Zeppelin, part  Jim Jones Revue. Further than that, its fair to say this trail of influences follows the boys through the whole ep, but not to a detrimental effect – they are very much their own men (and I’m certainly not going to argue with them…)

Track two ‘All the young girls’ follows in a similar vein, again showing a sort of punk/blues/metal that is a bit of a rush, but also catchy and listenable, and at the same time slightly scary…in fact everything I imagine you’d want to hear from something described as ‘a sort of punk/blues/metal. The icing on the cake is the backing vocals for me, like a zombie-take on Blur’s Song 2

Feast, the third track on the EP if anything cranks it up even further, with typical fiery vocal line and, the whole thing almost like Lemmy fronting AC/DC (especially for our older reader there…) these boys live up to what some of their press has been saying – including Thrash Hits who said ‘They make music that makes us want to get in bar fights in the vain hope that it might impress hot girls with tattoos’ – listening to Feast, well, that’s what its like.

One of my best mates is called Mark, and his cousins was in a band called the Telescopes. She (yes she, that’s important considering whats coming up) said ‘hello’ to me when we went to see them support The Jesus and Mary Chain in Manchester (this was probably around 1989) – I went slightly red and looked at my shoes. There was just….something about girls playing guitars. Well, that is what the last song in the EP, called Laura, is about. Unlike Laura, who apparently is ‘…not too pretty, and she’s not a good age. Cowboy boots and sweaty long hair’ Marks cousin was nice and older than me and sort of slightly famous, and I think called Joanne. the only thing therefore that links the two things together is that, just that one night at Manchester Ritzy, and like the Wet Nuns and Laura ‘ I wanted to be that guitar’.

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