News: Cambridge Newcomer SLATER Shares Explosive New Single ‘Nothing’s Ever Ok’

Emerging from the vibrant music scene of Cambridge, artist SLATER is back in the spotlight with his latest release, ‘Nothing’s Ever Ok’.

A powerful fusion of distorted guitars and punching drums, delivering boundless energy while skillfully straddling the line between dark, heavy rock and the more optimistic elements of indie-pop, SLATER demonstrates his ability to deliver commercially viable yet explosive and expressive soundscapes.

In ‘Nothing’s Ever Ok,’ SLATER delves deep into the realm of pain through his heartfelt lyricism, offering a window into his world. His passionate vocal performance effortlessly captures the listener’s emotions, drawing them into a shared mental space.

Sharing his thoughts on the new single, SLATER reflects, “We all face unfathomable moments of despair requiring strength and mental stability when we can least afford it. ‘Nothing’s Ever Ok’ is a story of a loved one battling the big ‘C’ whilst facing the effects of our crumbling NHS. Left with the choice of staying here, watching it spread, or going home and leaving behind her entire life in pursuit of getting better.”

But ‘Nothing’s Ever Ok’ goes beyond its main theme, delving into deeper issues of cultural and political propaganda disseminated by the mainstream media. In a world grappling with a global pandemic, looming conflicts, and the rise of food banks, SLATER’s poignant lyrics challenge us to question whether anything will ever truly be “okay.”

SLATER first caught the attention of music critics with his 2022 EP, ‘I’d Ghost Me Too,’ which included the alluring and anthemic single ‘Boyfriend.’ Emma Schoors of Unclear Magazine praised it as a “stepping stone to their unquantifiable potential.”

Known for his electrifying stage presence, SLATER has consistently delivered unforgettable live performances. He has sold out London headliners and shared stages with acclaimed acts like Sheafs, The Virgin Marys, Brave Liaison, Jetski, and The Ugly Club. Additionally, he’s graced the stages of renowned festivals such as Andalo Rock Festival, Tramlines, R-fest, and Camden Rocks.

With a captivating live presence and a knack for addressing relatable yet challenging subjects in his music, SLATER is on the brink of a breakthrough. As he continues to connect with audiences through his powerful storytelling and electrifying performances, it’s only a matter of time before this talented artist takes the music world by storm.

Listen below:

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