EP: JOHN – Validation

Fancy something heavy and riff-y this Christmas? Duo, JOHN, have just released their gritty second EP, Validation, and it’s more than worthy of going on your Christmas list this year.

JOHN are exactly what they say on the tin, sort of. They’re a duo made up of two members both called John and a love for hammering rock music. Validation does its best in showcasing the talent of the pair in less than 15 minutes. Blasting in with their crashing guitar hooks and mind-melting drums, ‘Bigger Man’ establishes the two-piece’s ferocious noise right from the off. Their abrasive sounds mixed with Johnny Healey’s exquisite guitar playing on ‘Palms’ shows that JOHN aren’t just another throwaway duo – they’re here, ready to compete with the rest of the game.


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