News: Spring Silver preps new album with the sprawling ‘Gold Star’

If the new song from Marylander Spring Silver seems like a lot, then that’s the point. K Nkanza could have kept it relatively simple and pared things down to, oh, maybe 3 minutes of the actual song. They didn’t, instead letting all the various versions of the track exist within itself. The result is a nearly 8-minute song that sprawls out through multiple movements instead of opting for the direct route.

When you can write a song like ‘Gold Star’ and do everything yourself—from writing and performing to producing and mixing—why wouldn’t you? Nkanza explains their perspective on the first new material from the project since last year’s I Could Get Used to This: “As you develop a song, you have to make certain eliminative decisions. You have to decide on the dynamics, the tempo, the key, and so on. While I don’t think it’s really possible to do away with this elimination (nor am I trying to), I like the idea of presenting multiple interpretations of the song and having them all exist in the final version.”

Hence, the prog-influenced left-turns, knotty riffs and complex time signatures that form the basis of the track, which is set to appear on Nkanza’s new record as Spring Silver, seemingly ‘on the horizon’ and set to surface next year. Check out the self-made video below; it’s a little overwhelming (by design) and does come with a flashing lights warning, but there’s never been a better time to get on board with this project. Scope the Bandcamp in the meantime.

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