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Following on from the raucous Stooges meets Jesus and Mary Chain anti-Valentines Day anthem that was “Bad Love”, rapidly ascendant Chicago trio DEHD today release yet another scintillating taster from their forthcoming album “Blue Skies”, in the form of the instantly infectious, doo wop blast of “Stars”.

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Even though it has emotionally complex subject matter at its core – in Kempf’s words, new track “Stars” is about “reaching past the boundaries of understanding our personal comfort” – the innate gift of Dehd is such that they manage to take that and turn it into a track that is at once deliriously catchy and warmly radiant, urging listeners to ground themselves amidst the chaos with a gloriously Ramones-esque chorus of “walk, baby walk” that is equal parts command and encouragement. As guitarist Jason Balla says about the track, 
 “When I get too overwhelmed and I feel like my heart’s gonna break from all the sadness in this world I go for a walk. The familiar streets of home pull me back to earth.”
Having previously crafted an album that captured and shared the precarious balance between life and hope, Dehd are to expand such an essence in their upcoming album Blue Skies. The album is out May 27th and is loaded with the most compelling, compulsive, and expansive songs of their career.

Blue Skies Cover Artwork

Blue Skies Tracklist 1. Control 2. Bad Love 3. Bop 4. Clear 5. Hold 6. Memories 7. Window 8. Palomino 9. Waterfall 10. Dream On 11. Empty In My Mind 12. Stars 13. No Difference.

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