See: Moon Panda release new video for ‘Gun’

Moon Panda, aka California songwriter Maddy Myers and Danish guitarist Gustav Moltke have revealed a new video to accomapany their last single Gun, which dropped at the end of last year. If you missed it then, it’s a delicate, gently uplifting op song, with these brushes of guitar and hollow sounding synth noises combining to give it a healthy dose of atmosphere.

The video sees Myers exploring a beautiful yet twisted house, where she’s met with surreal twists and turns. Director Buster Marker Jonsson explains:

“I wanted to play with the perception of reality and imagination. Is the House haunted or is she (Maddy) just losing her grip on reality? Does it even matter if it is real or fake? For me, the only thing that mattered was that she somehow gained something from the experience – took something with her. That lead me to the idea of the lizard, a creature so juxtapose to the surroundings. Is it there to help her, or not? Friend or foe? What role does it play in her life?

I wanted to make the house the antagonist of the movie, like a living nightmare testing her. What I find interesting about dreams, is that you are often thrown from one scenario to another. Dreams are incoherent and chaotic, but when you are dreaming, everything feels coherent and normal. I really wanted to convey that feeling in the film, making everything an orderly chaos.”

Check it out, here

In addition the band have announced a free London show on August 1st at The Old Blue Last

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