IT MAKES absolute sense, when you think about it: take the art-synth-pop of Metronomy, take also further intelligent pop experimenta via the futurist J-pop and shoegaze-informed stylings of Kero Kero Bonito, and put ‘em together. Why had no one thunk of that before?

Metronomy haved shared a new remix of “The Light”, the cool, detached, pulsing funk track culled from last year’s  Metronomy Forever – and handed it over to Sarah Bonito and the boys to chop up into a bright slice of future pop packed with breathy vocals, skittering electronic percussion, pops and squeaks. Take a listen below.

Kero Kero Bonito said:“Metronomy are one of the bands that defined our adolescence; we listened to Nights Out on the bus to school and went to their shows as 16-year-olds. Our nocturnal club-pop re-fix of “The Light” is informed by 2-step, pretty ‘00s electronica and walking home very late at night.”

Making the most of lockdown, Metronomy have also been exploring and sharing their world over at their YouTube channel. They ran an eight-week series which reached far beyond music to life drawing, cooking and language classes, Q&As and live shows. 

Metronomy Forever, the band’s sixth studio album, is out now. You can take a listen here.