Premiere: Faux Machismo reveal new video for Dopamine

Leeds duo Faux Machismo, aka Maeve Munro and Anna Ridley, have been doing a fine line in stoner-witch-doom-grunge (that’s record label Muzai’s description but it’s so perfect I stole it) for a while now, and so we’re delighted to premiere their new video for ‘Dopamine’. Originally part of an ep, Dopamine is one of the tracks that have been split apart as a series of singles, alongside with one track from the previous EP being re-recorded after studio sessions with Chris Mulligan in Leeds.

It’s dark and dingy, and full of these rough edged riffs that grab you by the throat and pull you very close indeed. More than that though, it’s aggressive and angular and deep and melodic and a rush of anger and noise.

Anna from the band, who also edited the video, says of it – “The video for Faux Machismo’s Dopamine is a crescendo of anxiety, with glimmers of hope for the left. Spliced together images intended to sum up the events of 2020 (so far) are aggressively glitched and tampered with. They are angry, and they want us to get angry too.”

Check it out, here

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