Blu-Ray Review: Late Phases

Tales of a werewolf or a wolfman have been part of folklore of European since Medieval times. Indeed, these cursed shapeshifters appeared in historical texts long before then. They’re also a staple of genre cinema, with the likes of An American Werewolf in London, Ginger Snaps and The Howling all held in high regard by horror afficionados. Adrián García Bogliano’s Late Phases is another notable entry into the sub-genre.

Ambrose McKinley (Nick Damici) is a blind yet fiercely independent Vietnam Veteran. Much to his chagrin, he’s moved into a community on the edge of a woods by his son (Ethan Embry); with only his German Shepherd for company. His acerbic and blunt nature rubs up against other residents, but after his neighbour and dog are brutally murdered, he starts to suspect there’s a werewolf stalking the inhabitants. His suspicions fall on the local pastor, Father Smith (Tom Noonan).

Whilst Damici hams up his character to the max, there’s a lot to be said for Late Phases. Probably the most impressive constituent are the lycanthropes themselves. They’re certainly done well, as is the all too important transformation. The story is basic but there’s enough mystery and tension to keep you absorbed. The action may be slightly thin on the ground but the final ‘battle’ is great fun. Late Phases is horror with an extra bite.

Special features:

  • Commentary with director Adrián García Bogliano
  • FX Featurette
  • Making of Featurette
  • Trailer

Late Phases is released on Blu-ray by 101 Films on 16 November.

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