Live Gallery & Review: World Is A Vampire Hits Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion 18.04.2023

World is a Vampire

The World Is A Vampire tour finally reached Sydney tonight. Featuring the iconic Smashing Pumpkins, the extravaganza will visit ten cities across Australia. Tonight the Pumpkins are supported by alt-rock legends, Jane’s Addiction and killer Aussie punk rockers Amyl & The Sniffers, and Battlesnake.

But that’s not all! In between acts, there are actual professional wrestling matches taking place in which Billy Corgan’s NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) takes on the WAOA (Wrestling Alliance of Australia). It’s all too much for a weekday evening. The Hordern is packed to capacity and although it might seem bizarre, the pro wrestling is a perfect fit.

As soon as Amyl and the Sniffers take the stage, Amy Taylor makes it clear that she is a force to be reckoned with, delivering her lyrics with ferocity and swagger, like a miniature Barbarella. It’s always her pure enjoyment of the moment that is infectious and soon the crowd erupts with some chaotic moshing that makes the pro wrestling seem tame in comparison. Behind her, guitarist Dec Martens, bassist Gus Romer, and drummer Bryce Wilson provide a high-octane backdrop of punk rock riffs and pummeling beats.

Jane’s Addiction, sans Dave Navarro but with singer, Perry Farrell, in fine form, draw on their extensive catalogue, playing the classics while Farrell entertains the crowd with some ribald stories in between songs. At one stage a rather bizarre burlesque show featuring scantily clad dancers and some gymnastic equipment takes place.

The lights dim and the Smashing Pumpkins stride on stage. Billy Corgan’s voice is in top form, his signature nasally wail ringing out over the Hordern. The band blitzes through some classics as well as a surprising cover of the Talking Heads’ ‘Once In A Lifetime’. All in all it’s way too much fun for a Tuesday night.

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