Live Gallery: Off The Rails Festival Marrickville, Sydney 01.10.2023

Amyl and the Sniffers

It’s hot in Sydney today as the city records its warmest 1 October on record, with temperatures rising to at least 35C.

Off The Rails Festival is a (literal) melting pot of diverse musical acts, extravagant food trucks, and a colourful sea of festivalgoers, all amidst the fiery embrace of a relentless and unprecedented spring sun. The scorching heat is an omnipresent entity, with festival-goers exploring myriad ways to keep cool, from stylish hats and sunglasses to innovative personal fans.

First up are Downgirl, who have just released their debut EP. Downgirl never disappoint and they defiantly rock the stage despite the sun’s blazing assault

Off The Rails features two stages, both with awesome line ups and punters are kept fit (and sweating) as they run between the two podiums. Itchy and the Nits and the competition winners, the Engine give a rousing performance on the second stage which is in a cool alley.

Southeast Desert Metal, famously known for being the most isolated touring band in the world, play some heavy riffs that perfectly complement the sweltering heat.

Chimers and Organs get the crowd moving on the second stage, while the New Christs enthral on the main stage, delivering a set so fiery, even the devil needs sunscreen!

Brisbane’s Full Flower Moon Band led by singer “Babyshakes” Dillon are red hot and a girl behind me incessantly screams, “Marry Me!” at Dillon.

RVG keep it cool and understated. Romy Vager’s stage presence is magnetic, drawing the crowd into the world she paints with her words and melodies.

Private Function burst onto the stage. Pushing the envelope of performance and leaving the audience in awe and, occasionally, in concern for Chris Penney’s well-being. Penney is fearless, donning a stage fan and diving into the crowd, climbing a lighting pylon, he turns the stage into a chaotic playground. Private Function always deliver a thrilling spectacle, embodying the raw and rebellious spirit of their music and tonight is no different.

The headline act, Amyl and the Sniffers are up next. Scurrying across the ruins of punk anthems and spittle-riddled microphones, led by the electrifying Amy Taylor, the band hits you like a freight train of frenetic frenzy. Amy is all over the stage, a whirling dervish of raw energy and unabashed audacity, she dives into the crowd with abandon. Raw and raucous Amyl and the Sniffers are a reminder of what music can and should be.

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