News: After 35 long years, Australia’s iconic post punk eighties group The Wreckery are back with a new album ‘Fake Is Forever’ and single ‘Smack Me Down’

It is exciting news indeed to report that after 35 years, the uber cool The Wreckery are back and sounding as suave and brooding as ever.

‘Smack Me Down, the new single is out now and is a louche and swaggering return for the band, auguring well for their upcoming album ‘Fake is Forever’, set for release on November 3rd via Golden Robot Records.

‘Smack Me Down’ written by Hugo Race and Alannah Hill, explores the ironic consequences of youthful indiscretions, delivered with an explosive energy that is emblematic of The Wreckery’s signature style. With a baritone saxophone edging, the track rumbles with a cool insouciance and an arched eyebrow, full of panache and laced with a sneering attitude. Swampy, gringy and dark, it is a cathartic blast:

What a marvellous and exciting return. ‘Smack Me Down’ is out now and available to download and stream here.

The DNA is still there – the signature sound of Charles Todd’s baritone sax; the scathing lyrics and vocals of Hugo Race; the distorted angular guitars of Ed Clayton-Jones; the eclecticism of multi-instrumentalist Robin Casinader; Nick Barker and former Plays With Marionettes drummer Frank Trobbiani fuse as the solid engine room of this iconic group. All the original edge with a new maturity and control.

Get a taste of the new album in the video below:

The Wreckery will be launching the album in Melbourne in November – details below.

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