See: The Veldt release new video for ‘In a quiet room’

Legendary NYC-Raleigh shoegaze quartet The Veldt have released anew video for ‘In a quiet room’, take from their new five track EP, The Shocking Fuzz of your electric fur, released by Manchester’s Leonard Skully label.

Produced, at least in part by the similarly legendary A.R.Kane, the EP see the band return from a significant haitus. It sees the band mix up their shoegaze aesthetic with broad swathes of electronica, with long, lingering bass notes giving the whole thing a dreamy, slow moving quality. The vocals shimmer over the top and the whole thing is blessed with this immediate and rather lovely melody, that gently wraps itself around you.

The video was created by Tokyo-based videographer Toshikazu Kaneiwa, and features artist k.a.n.a. in states of undress, with Kaneiwa saying “I was truly inspired when I heard ‘In a Quiet Room’. This sound is so beautiful and sad, and I felt compelled to do the visual work for this song. At the same time, I met k.a.n.a., who is an artist with so much talent – she can dance, act, paint and sing… and I got an idea for the video and I told her my directional plan. She said yes. I really appreciate that she brought a very strong performance into this video.”

The new EP is available on vinyl from Manchester-based Leonard Skully Records and on CD and digitally at

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