Premiere: Richard Cartwright (Richard In Your Mind) exclusively reveals his dreamy, floaty tab of psychedelia, ‘Seaweed’.

We are honoured to be able to bring you the premiere of the single ‘Seaweed’ from Richard In Your Mind member Richard Cartwright, out through  Broken Stone Records/Remote Control Records.

Just like a piece of seaweed drifting across endless oceans, ‘Seaweed’ is a floating delight: dreamy, hypnotic movements propel the track forward with dappled splashes of sonic sparkles, and Cartwright’s vocals lazily shimmering across the gently undulating surface. It’s both trippy and hypnotic with a visceral and organic feel, layered and enveloping like a warm blanket. You can drift softly away into the ether in its embrace.

It’s no surprise that Cartwright cites Pink Floyd as an influence (listing ‘Obscured By Clouds’ as a favourite): you can also detect that psychedelic-era Beatles in the jangling melodies and layered multi-coloured soundscapes that echo inside your mind.

Cartwright says of the track:

I wrote the song after Julia from Rice Is Nice asked if I had any songs that she could pitch for a new SpongeBob SquarePants movie. I didn’t offhand and so I went down to my music room and wrote and recorded the majority of the song that morning.

I always love slow dreamy music and had the image of seaweed lilting in gentle waves in my head and the song came out really easily. SpongeBob is a psychedelic show so I thought it was on theme. Having a particular goal can sometimes be so helpful for inspiration. By the end of my recording session I had my favourite song I’d written in a while. SpongeBob or not I really liked the song!

‘Seaweed’ is gentle spaced out bliss and is out everywhere tomorrow. In the meantime, turn on, tune in and fade away through the link below:

“Seaweed’ comes off Cartwright’s forthcoming solo album due later this year, entitled ‘Daisy Lion’.

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