Premiere: Silverkord – Halcyon

London rock band Silverkord have a new single coming tomorrow, and we have the first view of their massive new track ‘Halcyon’.

Taken from their upcoming debut album, ‘Halcyon’ is a swirling mass of rock, grunge and prog. Crushing riffs and soaring vocals sit atop a rock solid rhythm section, altogether framing a dynamic sound rooted in the 90’s alternative and metal scene, but with a fresh take for present day and a delivery that is formidable.

“Halcyon, will be the first single off Silverkord’s debut album ‘Liquid Air’. This song was written in early 2018 around the time of the tragic death of a friend. Much of the anger at the injustice felt at the time was directed into this song, coupled with themes of society as a whole being intrinsically flawed. It’s a dark, high energy track with huge riffs, deep 3/4 grooves, explosive vocals and memorable hooks.” – Will Miles

Boasting massive production, ‘Halcyon’ is an incredibly well crafted track with an ear splitting vocal delivery and enough elements to make this an interesting and rewarding listen upon many revisits.

‘Halcyon’ is taken from the band’s upcoming debut album ‘Liquid Air’, due out May 29th on Syndicol Music.

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