News: Siena Liggins Blends Alternative Pop With Irresistible Retro Vibes On “RENT FREE”

Siena Liggins is making waves in 2023 with a string of successful singles, including the critically acclaimed “3 BAD” and “SNEAKY LINKS,” which have resonated with a global audience.

Continuing her impressive musical journey, Siena Liggins releases her latest single, “RENT FREE”. This track showcases her powerful artistry, blending alternative pop and indie sensibilities with her iridescent vocals. With high-pitched guitar strums, flirtatious melodies, and an immediately familiar candy pop beat, “RENT FREE” captures the essence of retro, energetic songs that kickstarted the new millennium. Its lyrics about moving on from shenanigans deliver a playful reminder of the enduring styles popularized by *NSYNC, No Doubt, and TLC.

“RENT FREE” serves as a precursor to Siena’s forthcoming album, “FLOOZY.” Featuring 11 tracks, the album fully encompasses Siena Liggins’s unique take on pop music, showcasing her intricate and varied instrumentation. It’s a testament to her audacious vision as an emerging star, inviting listeners to experience her magnetic power firsthand.

Recognized by Paper Magazine as a prominent figure in the global music scene, Siena Liggins’s sound is both playful and provocative. Amidst a pulsating music landscape that celebrates diversity, she embraces her existence as activism during this inescapable renaissance.

Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, influential women, and iconic musicians, Siena Liggins creates a body of work that resonates with audiences around the world. Her music taps into universal emotions of love, hurt, and excitement, forging a profound connection with listeners. Infused with authenticity and relatability, Siena Liggins finds profound influence from the women who have shaped her path.

Siena Liggins is not just a trailblazer in music but also intentionally combines sonic innovation with a passion for transformative style. Beyond aesthetics, she advocates for equity and sustainability, supporting initiatives that prioritize social impact and mindful practices. Her work showcases emerging designers and creatives, elevating their brilliance while inspiring the limitless possibilities of self-expression and the future of mainstream music.

As Siena Liggins continues to break free from societal norms and challenge expectations, she crafts a unique and inspiring artistic universe. Her blend of alternative pop and irresistible retro vibes leaves a lasting impression, beckoning us all to embrace the boundless possibilities of self-expression.

Speaking about the single, she says: “I wrote RENT FREE as an unapologetic nod to millennialism that recontextualizes the brutal reality of breakups and the inevitable removal of literal and figurative baggage. I love the 2000s pop songs that are ironic– thus the fun, almost comical vibe of the lyrics and melody about being mentally trapped with someone even when it’s time to move on. It’s a reminder to my future self to get out while I’m having fun.”

Listen below:

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