Track: Barrie – Tal Uno

There is something about melancholic dream pop that seduces me. It is the bittersweet nature of the music – layers of beautiful bright often upbeat sounds sometimes contrasting and at times augmenting wistful downbeat vocal refrains filled with a sense of longing. Barrie, a band based in New York but with an international mix of members from across the States, Brazil and the UK have released a brilliant new song, ‘Tal Uno’ that epitomises the genre at its very best.

With its crisp production, solid spine of a rhythm section, the guitars and keys provide a vaulting canvas across which the vocals evocatively shine. This is a lush shimmering song filled with layers of echo, delay and reverb and ethereal vocals telling a tale of a lost love, envy and regret:

You’re semi precious and kind of reckless, I think you’re better on your own
I got your message, I left my necklace, I got the picture on my phone
Don’t you think that you can do better

A melancholy delight,’Tal Uno’ is a dreamy, mesmerising and quite frankly beautiful song that introduces Barrie as a major presence in the scene:


I’m absolutely in love with this song and can’t wait to hear more from this band.

You can listen to the song on all on-line sources and get it here.

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