Premiere: Winter Starlings alight with yearning elegance on new single ‘My Own Fairytale’.

Feature Photographer: Peta Caswell

We are overjoyed to premiere the new single ‘My Own Fairytale’ from Sydney band Winter Starlings. It’s a track with more sparkle than the sunlight on the Sydney Harbour with a yearning refrain and jangling guitars.

There is a delicate air of poignancy drawn from personal experience. Singer, guitarist and songwriter Robin Fitzgerald says of the track:

My Own Fairytale’ is a love song, a story of an old ‘friend’ from my 20s. It was brief and we were young. Fast forward a couple of decades and we reconnected after she had a dream one night that brought us together again. It led to… well… I still call it a fairytale!

What did it lead to? Well, the sense of redemptive expression in Fitzgerald’s vocals answers that question. The instrumentation mixes a reflective acoustic jangle with a wilder euphoric guitar solo, reflecting the themes of the tale being told.

‘My Own Fairytale’ lifts off tomorrow (Thursday, 9 November) and will be available to download and stream through the link above and all the usual sites. Winter Starling will be launching the single on Saturday, 25 November – tickets here and details below.

Feature Photographer: Peta Caswell

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