See: Eartheater – ‘Volcano’: a tenebrous, glittering, elemental pop gains dramatic visuals

THE QUEENS-based multimedia artist Eartheater has shared the stunning and elemental visuals for “Volcano”, a track taken from her critically acclaimed album examining rebirth, life, death and all points in between from last year, Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin.

Wholly self-written, arranged and composed by Eartheater herself, the album seeks to draw a path back to the conceptual and primordial lava lake from which she first emerged; and examines in the widest-screen post-classical, modern pop caress the reinventions and resurrections the project has undergone over its first decade.

On the album she shows that she’s fallen back in love with guitars and all they’re capable of; the aesthetic of the luxuriously pretty acoustic and leftfield pop song, while still glorying in darker, more complex and shadowy instrumental movements.

And with “Volcano” she shows an instinct for a hook that delights in glitter and the incarnate – the flesh, the molten core of this Earth; the tenebrous and the choral.

Eartheater’s Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin is available now digitally and on vinyl (the repress is due on June 15th) from PAN, here.

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