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Marius Lauber, aka Roosevelt, has released their first new single since his 2018 sophomore album, Young Romance. It’s accompanied by a video produced by Ohad Ben-Moshe, and both play into this vintage synth-pop / early house sound.

Smoky synth chords open up, with street sounds decorating the mix, but these give way to this popping bassline and retro sounding lines and pads as it lays its stall out with this bubbling accompaniment underneath just about as melancholic and yet catchy track you’ll hear this Summer. (It is Summer, right?)

Sign is a very synth-heavy track, I can‘t remember the last one I didn‘t use any guitars on. The lyrics for the song are about longing for a sheer sign of someone else, so we came up with the idea of me trying to give a sign through a synthesizer. I‘m trying to communicate through all kinds of elements on the synth, including keys, a VHS screen and an oscilloscope,” said Marius. “We worked with an Israeli 3D designer called Ohad Ben-Moshewho created the synth. To get my shots I got a green screen and set it up in my studio and recorded myself as it was in the middle of lockdown. It somehow feels authentic to the music video though that I was on my own trying to communicate with the outside world.”

“I’m very proud of the end result and working with an internationally acclaimed artist like Roosevelt was an honor for me,” said Ohad Ben-Moshe. “The working process was also a learning process, as for this videoclip we didn’t only use 3D but also implemented two different motion design techniques. When I received the brief I knew it’s a project I’d like to take part in. As a visual designer, I was always fascinated by the outcome of combining and mixing different visual languages.” 

Check it out, here

Sign is out now via City Slang / Greco Roman Records

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