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Some say that you become your surroundings. Surround yourself with simple, pleasant things and you’ll have a simple pleasant life. That’s the theory anyway. But what if your surroundings are a bit bleaker than that? What if all around you is urban sprawl and derelict industry? Victories At Sea come from such surroundings, and rather than try to escape them, they’ve embraced them to the full and created something quite special.

In between playing live, the band have spent the last two years in a disused steel works in Digbeth writing material for their debut album, ‘Everything Forever’. Considering the surroundings you’d expect an industrial, post-punk feel to their sound, but there must have been a few cracks in the concrete letting the sun shine through. What you get is an almost hybrid sound. You can hear dark elements, but it’s buried deep alongside some positive glimmers of hope. It’s captivating, thought provoking stuff, but at the same time, it’s seductive and makes you want to move around.

VICTORIES AT SEA Debut album ‘Everything Forever’ is out via Static Caravan Recordings on October 30th.






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