Track: Azure Blue – Event Horizon + ‘Images Of You’ sampler

Azure Blue – Event Horizon

The brilliant new single from the forthcoming ‘Images Of You’ album by Sweden’s Azure Blue, ‘Event Horizon’ will recall the best of OMD, with a whispery subdued vocal. It’s a dark but hopeful story about love in the time of climate change that showcases captivating melodies, a soaring chorus, and a certain Spanish flair.

The band have also released a sampler of their forthcoming album, which you can check out below.



  1. Hökarängen
  2. Entropy
  3. Event Horizon
  4. Millions of Stars
  5. Images of You
  6. Running with the Eventide
  7. Yesterday’s Gone
  8. Wild for the Night
  9. Shine On
  10. Sea of Love
  11. The Rose
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