Track: High Hazels release new single, Misbehave

Named after a local park, the High Hazels have set about to make Sheffield proud, releasing rich, golden songs that’ll fill your head and melt your heart.

I first saw these boys at Tramlines 2013, lost in Weston Park, with only the melodic notes of the High Hazels to guide my way. Since then I’ve seen this band drink with #NotDriving, tour with The Crookes, and release a single or two on Heist or Hit Records. It’s a good start for this fledgling band.

Misbehave is the title of their latest single, set to be released on 15th September 2014. Whilst maintaining their warm glow, the High Hazels have created a song that’ll be “a fresh and exciting song that would sound equally good sat listening intently at home, or at 3am in a club,” claims bassist Paul Barlow. And he’s right.

These romantic storytellers have perfected the air of nostalgia with their resonating guitars and smooth vocals – their previous EP “In the Half Light” merely proves this. But it’s their new single, Misbehave, that really grabs my attention; with the first line, “do you want to misbehave?” you’re already entranced by James Leesley’s handsome voice.

This song seems more insistent than the band’s previous tracks, feeling urgent rather than wistful, compelling the listener into something more intense, more passionate, and more evocative. Trading “melancholy for a flirtatious groove”, it won’t be long before the boys have a following of amorous fans, falling for the exquisite storytelling that the High Hazels are so good at.

Listen to Misbehave below:

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