Soundtrack of our Lives: We Were Promised Jetpacks

Out this week is the new album from Edinburgh five piece We Were Promised Jetpacks, called Unravelling. Sometimes dour, sometimes uplifting, sometimes epic sometimes understated but certainly all Scottish, its an affecting and brilliant collection of songs.

We spoke to Sean from the band to find out more about the songs that inspired them, that were made by their friends, in their parents record collections, even their dubious guilty pleasures. Take a look.

Best Album Ever: Queens of the Stoneage – Songs for the deaf

I first heard this album at Adam’s house. We were about 15 and we’d play Fifa until we hate each other while listening to this. It was definitely the first heavy rock album that I listened to and enjoyed. I still love it.

 Sunday morning record: Nathaniel Rateliff – Pounds and Pounds

One of those rare times you see someone post a song on facebook, listen to it and instantly think it’s amazing. Then I got his album and now i’m a fan. I’ve never seen him live, i’ve got that to look forward to.

 First Record I Bought: Bellini – Samba De Janeiro

I got this answer from new member Stuart. It’s a great first single to buy. He just told me he put it in his cassette player (which was in his cupboard?) and hid in his cupboard playing the song on repeat for hours. Sounds like him. Other first records bought were:

Baddiel and Skinner – Three Lions

Hanson – MMMbop

No Doubt – Tragic Kingdom

 Song From My Childhood: George Baker Selection – Little Green Bag

My family went up north every January to celebrate Burns’ night. It was a 4 hour drive and I remember my little sister insisting we listen to this song on repeat. She must have been about 4. We had the Resevoir Dogs soundtrack in the car and it was pretty strange when I saw the film about 10 years later and knew all the songs.

 Favourite Track By My Friends: Dupec – La Liga

My buddy Peter (drummer) and I went to primary school with these guys. One of my favourite ever gigs was when I played bass for Dupec at Sneaky Pete’s. We went on a European tour with them in 2010  and it was loads of fun. Even took our mate Burnie to do the merch, happy days.

 Band That Should Have Been Bigger: Over The Wall – Thurso

We all absolutely love this band. I can’t/won’t bring myself to say loved. They are one of those bands you would go and see, then find out they are playing the following evening and be like “fuck it, i’m going to go see them tomorrow as well”. Lovely, hilarious guys whom we have had the pleasure of playing many gigs with.

 Guilty Pleasure: Robbie Williams – Rudebox

My friends and I went on holiday to Bulgaria around the time this came out. It was a hilarious holiday. I’m pretty sure I tried to play this once when I was DJing and it didn’t go down so well.

 Record from our parents collection that attracted attention: Led Zepplin – Black Dog

I remember loving this song because I thought it sounded like the theme from the TV show ‘The Munsters’. Instead of listening to the theme for ‘The Musters’ i’m going to just leave it. I loved it and listened to it all the time.

 Song for my funeral: Wu-Tang Clan – Gravel Pit

This is actually my dad’s amazing suggestion. I’ve no idea where we both were when this song was playing but he said he wanted this at his funeral. Taking a very literal meaning to the lyric “check out my gravel pit”. Excellent stuff, i’ll make sure he gets his wish.

 Gets us up on the dancefloor: Blueboy – Remember Me

This is Adam’s favourite song. He’ll be sitting in the corner with his jacket on, the DJ will spin this and he’ll be up.

Geng ge ge geng geng geng geng gegeng, gege geng gegeng geng geng geng gegeng. Loving it.


Pick up Unravelling on Fat Cat records from all the usual download emporiums and record shops right now.

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