Say Psych: Playlist 6/2016

There is so much amazing new music out there at the moment that this playlist is exclusively showcasing some choice releases from the last month. Enjoy!


I Sing in Silence by Goat

Goat announces new 7″: I Sing In Silence, they are here again with a more tempered and drawn out sound. This is them cooled off from their thrashing to the head with folk-fuzz balls of worldly theatrics and psychedelic fusions of mysterious quests through time, this is their aural sabbatical.

For more on the new Goat track, and forthcoming tour click here.



Decadence by Radar Men From The Moon

“The RMFTM track, ‘Decadence’, is a typically heavy and spacey track which includes subtle elements of shoegaze, 80s synth music (remarkably both pop and industrial), 70s German experimental, all held together with a noise-/ post-rock foundation. As the name suggests ‘Decadence’ is dark and relentless, yet it also had moments of lightness and melody which allow you to, at least momentarily, luxuriate in the bands ability to do the cooked as well as the raw. It is a fine example of how what we call ‘psych’ is able to take different genre, mix them up, and turn them into something thrilling and satisfying.”

Read the full review of the RMFTM/ White Hills split 10″ here.


Fingertips by Brian Jonestown Massacre

The Brian Jonestown Massacre drop new track and announce return to UK for a 12 date tour this coming June.

Latest track “Fingertips” see’s Anton Newcombe and co. collaborating once again with Tess Parks, who lends her sublime vocals to yet another fine track from the Grandaddy of Psych.

For more details of the new BJM track and up coming tour click here


I Don’t Mind by Psychic Ills (Feat. Hope Sandoval)

Great to see that the Psychic Ills have a new album out in June, and are touring around the same time to support it. A collaboration featuring the vocals of Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval, this is a luscious country-influenced track, the first to be released from the album. Full album review here.


People-Vultures by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

You never quite know what you are going to get with a new release from King Gizzard these days. The last three or four albums, delivered in incredibly quick succession, have been an eclectic mix of styles; all of which somehow make sense in their own universe. If People-Vultures is anything to go by the new album will see a return to the full-on psych mayhem of the likes of Head On/Pill and Cellophane.


Mirror by GNOD

“This is an important album by an important band on an important label (Rocket Recordings). Along with Teeth of the Sea’s ‘Highly Deadly Black Tarantula‘ this is an album that is chronicling the troubled nature of our times in a way that few other bands even approach. It is the sort of music that we hope not to hear, and yet it is vital that we do. For me this if GNOD’s clearest and most coherent statement yet. It is powerful and to the point, and we ignore it at our peril!”

Read the full review of the new GNOD album here.


In Two by Psychic Heat

“‘Sunshower’ is well named as an album title because it suggests a mixture of textures and sounds, of light and dark. The resultant feeling is that of a sonic rainbow that is in turn raw and poppy. This is not an experimental album, nor is it a difficult album to listen to. What it is is an eclectic series of tracks which come together to celebrate some different moments in time in a way that is both contemporary and nostalgic.”

Read the full review of the new Psychic Heat album here.


Electrify by Black Rainbows

“Black Rainbows are one of those bands that aren’t all that complicated, but what they do they do very well. Mixing an early 70s heavy rock vibe with a laid back stoner sensibility, you get a real sense of satisfaction listening to a unit which is solid and uncompromising on what it sets out to do.”

Read the full review of the new Black Rainbows album here.



Flavour Country by Shooting Guns

Shooting Guns have had two albums released by Cardinal Fuzz/ Captcha Records this year (see the reviews here). To help celebrate that fact and to thank fans for their dedication the band have released this epic track for free stream/ download. Check it out because it is a brilliant zoned-out jam that’ll get you going at any time of day.


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