Premiere: the world famous tease debut album with bubbly teaser track ‘Hollywood Pawn’

What do you do when you move across the country and still don’t feel at home? If you’re the world famous, you form a band and write songs about being out of place in Los Angeles. The quintet is effectively a band of Massachusetts transplants, led by Will Harris, adjusting to culture shock and trying to make something of themselves.

Electing not to reveal their hand until they had a larger body of work to show off, they’re about as close to a ‘new’ band as you’re likely to get, so we’re pretty damn excited to get to break the news about their debut album. Its lead single is ‘Hollywood Pawn’, an effervescent power-pop song about making that cross-country move and trying to fit in even when there might not necessarily be space for you. the world famous are carving it out for themselves instead.

Equal parts The Lemonheads, Archers of Loaf and Guided By Voices (without the latter’s staggering output rate), the five-piece are freshly signed to SoCal’s Lauren Records and release totally famous on Friday October 13th. We’re premiering ‘Hollywood Pawn’ a whole two days up front because we’re good like that; check it out below.

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