News: Lance Rodriguez Releases Debut Album ‘Empath’

California-based singer-songwriter, Lance Rodriguez, releases his highly anticipated debut album, ‘Empath’.

Following the success of his debut EP ‘Dark Light’ in 2022, Lance presents a 9-track offering that delves even deeper into the realms of acoustic, pop, and soul elements to craft a unique “hybrid pop” sound that is both diverse and emotionally charged.

From love and romance to vulnerability and nostalgia, ‘Empath’ takes listeners on a captivating journey through Lance’s life and emotions. Known for his lyrical prowess, Lance bares his soul in each track, encouraging his audience to explore their own feelings through his music. The album’s lead single, ’11Eleven’, epitomizes this desire, as Lance candidly examines the crippling impact of fear of failure and how overcoming it can pave the way for personal growth and happiness.

The song’s soft piano melodies, complemented by the gentle strums of acoustic guitar, create an uplifting soundscape that serves as the perfect canvas for Lance Rodriguez’s heartfelt message. “11Eleven is an anthem to tell my audience it’s perfectly okay to be scared but to go out and pursue your dreams, get started on your 11:11 wish, without fear of failure,” explains Rodriguez.

Growing up in California, Lance’s musical journey started in church, where he experienced firsthand the profound emotional power of music. This invaluable skill has found its way into his songwriting, allowing him to craft tracks that inspire listeners to connect deeply with their emotions. Lance’s ability to infuse his music with meaningful messages has resonated strongly with his audience, culminating in a sold-out show at Mavericks Beach Club in San Diego – his biggest success to date.

With the release of ‘Empath’, Lance Rodriguez aims to take his music to an even larger stage, touching hearts across the globe. His genuine desire to connect with people through his music is palpable, and his live performances have proven to be transformative experiences for audiences. Lance’s passion for crafting songs with a purpose continues to drive his artistic journey.

As the album continues to gain traction, Lance is gearing up for an exciting year ahead. With a series of shows lined up in the US and a highly anticipated European tour on the horizon, the young artist’s dream of sharing his message with a global audience is quickly becoming a reality.

‘Empath’ is a testament to Lance Rodriguez’s artistry and his ability to create a musical experience that transcends the boundaries of genre and connects with listeners on a profound level. With his evocative storytelling, emotive vocals, and an unyielding drive to inspire, Lance is set to make a lasting impact in the world of music, leaving behind an indelible mark through his heartfelt songs and authentic performances.

Listen below:

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