NEWS: Super Cool Drawing Machine: with no gigs, musicians are touring art instead

NO GIGS. No. Gigs.

Now imagine pulling a random aside in the corridor at some New Year’s party at say, ooh, 1.34am, as the beer can fortresses advance across every available surface, as a minor tiff erupts by the record deck, and slurring into this stranger’s ear: “Y’know, thissh year, there wont really be gigs. Or festivals. At all. Trushht me.”

…. the look you’d get, right?

But yet, look, it came to pass. Where and when was your last gig? February 26th, mine; Bristol Trinity Centre. As is said: I can’t even.

And with the dust still settling across sprung dancefloors and PA systems the country wide, with still NO GIGS on the definite horizon in the UK, musicians, generally hugely creative types across a number of disciplines, have niftily sidestepped the diktat and got a show on the road. Literally; ‘Super Cool Drawing Machine’ is an exhibition featuring the artworks of almost 30 cool-as musicians, and it’ll be touring the UK in November and January.

The exhibition will feature the work of Newcastle out-folk genius Richard Dawson; Bristol’s delicate folk singer Rachael Dadd and her brilliant outsider-music performer husband, Ichi; lovely Derbyshire post-folk trio Haiku Salut; the Night Flight Collective, comprised of West Walian legend Cate le Bon, her collaborator in White Fence, Tim Presley, and H Hawkline; leader of British jazz outfit Sons of Kemet, Shabaka Hutchings; French-British leftfield indie-popsters Francois & The Atlas Mountains; the comic-art excellence of anti-folk magician Jeffrey Lewis; oh, so many more.

Haiki Salut said on the band’s Facebook page: “We’re over the moon to announce that we will be a part of Super Cool Drawing Machine, a musicians’ art exhibition, curated by Yuppies Music and touring this winter.

“Musicians will be exhibiting some of their other artworks in venues that aren’t currently able to host live music.”

Rachael Dadd said: “Very happy to announce that I will be a part of Super Cool Drawing Machine, exhibiting the ‘other’ artworks of some incredible musicians.”

Current dates are as follows:

November 5th to 8th, The Crescent, York;

November 12th to 15th, Future Yard, Birkenhead;

November 26th to 29th, Elsewhere, Margate, and then in the new year:

January 7th to 10th, Norwich Art Centre, Norwich;

January 14th to 17th, Colston Hall foyer, Bristol, and

January 21st to 24th, Studio 9294, London.

For more information and tickets, which hover around the fiver mark – get yourself across to – oh theres also a cute little teaser animation, just below here.

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