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Classic Compilation: Orange Juice – The Glasgow School

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Not Forgotten: Edwyn Collins – I’m Not Following You

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Not Forgotten: Edwyn Collins – Doctor Syntax

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So, who are the most influential British Indie band of all time? Okay, so I’m going to assume that almost all of you said The Smiths. It is after, all the, predictable and obvious choice. However such cultural myopia is also doing great disservice to Orange Juice, the Edwyn Collins fronted band of indie pioneers …

Pity poor old Edwyn Collins. If the world were a just and fair place, we would be hailing Orange Juice as the crown princes of 80s indie, but instead it’s The Smiths that everyone remembers. Understandably peeved, Collins went off in a huff to record a string of micro-budget solo albums which failed to sell, …

Released several years after the splendidly varied I’m Not Following You, and years after the wave of interest caused by “A Girl Like You” had long since dissipated, Doctor Syntax found Edwyn Collins at an interesting point in his career. Quietly critically lauded, any new release by the former Orange Juice frontman would always achieve …