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A Buyers Guide to ZZ Top (The Warner Brothers Years)

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Classic Compilation: ZZ Top – Rancho Texicano: The Very Best of ZZ Top

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Not Forgotten: ZZ Top – Degüello

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It’s a long way from the dive bars of Texas to the global stadium circuit, yet somehow ZZ Top managed to navigate their way.

Of the American stadium filling acts of the 70s, few have managed to continually extend their career like ZZ Top. These days KISS are a pale shadow of what they once were, Aerosmith succumbed to substances before a Lazarine comeback in the late 80s and seem to spend most of their time arguing with each …

The couple of previous albums had been an effective run-up, but Tres Hombres is where the career of ZZ Top really took flight. This is the album that saw them morph from solid but unspectacular Southern-friend boogie rockers, to one of the finest rock bands on the planet. Of course, “La Grange” remains a staple …

Pretty much smack inbetween the career high-water mark that was Tres Hombres, and the ultra-commercial, MTV-courting, mega-seller, Eliminator, ZZ Top’s Deguello is something of a stand-alone for the band. Whereas all their earlier albums albums were re-released on CD in the latter-half of the 80s slathered in drum machines, and their next album, El Loco, …