Track: Beat Bronco Organ Trio – Missoula​-​Nairobi Pt​.​1

Who knew that people were making music like this in 2020? Well, we dived into the world of Rocafort records with their recent ‘Latin Underground Revolution pt.2’ release, and we loved that so much that we followed the trail to this, its follow up on the Swiss label.

It’s a impossibly jazzy Afro-Funk instrumental from Beat Bronco Organ Trio, based in Madrid, and it see’s the band pull together their skills, with popping organ riffs almost secondary for the front half of the track to these twangy, spidery guitars. Recorded in analog and referencing the drummers home town in Montana, it’s something else.

Get yourselves over to Bandcamp and grab one of these bad boys on beautiful 7” vinyl, with Part.2 on the flip. Otherwise, turn it up and get ready to dance.

Out via Rocafort Records on September 18th

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