Track: Brisbane’s Hannah Sands’ new single ‘La La Land’ delivers the dreamiest, lo-fi soul

Since debuting in 2020, shimmering, modern soul vocalist Hannah Sands has experienced a whirlwind couple of years, sharing her emotive, jazz-infused sounds and eloquent, story-driven songwriting through numerous releases. The Brisbane singer now makes a beautiful return with newest single La La Land.

Continuing on a soulful sonic exploration, Hannah unveils La La Land as a perfectly drifting lo-fi groove – nostalgic, jazz-inspired, with crackling production and a seductive bassline. The otherworldly feel of the track floats outside of reality, drifting with an infectious optimism given by Sands’ strong-yet-gentle vocals. Flexing her lyrical storytelling prowess, Sands paints a vivid picture within this track, written about chasing dreams and sharing your hopes with the people you love.

“’La La Land’ is a song about an artist’s journey pursuing their dreams. Often it’s not only about the artist, but the team behind them. The partner, the families, the support network. The track is about an artist telling her partner of all the amazing places they are headed for in the future, where hard work pays off and dreams come true.” -Hannah Sands

Previous releases have seen support from Triple J, Spotify (‘Happy Girl’ landing 5 Spotify editorials), Triple J Unearthed, Apple Music’s New Music Daily, Purple Sneakers, Music Feeds and more.

We look forward to seeing Hannah Sands sweep many more listeners into her smooth, neo-soul world with ‘La La Land’, out NOW.

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