Meet: Serial Chiller + Exclusive premiere of debut track ‘HIPS STIR’

We love introducing you to fresh new bands here at Backseat Mafia, and you can’t get much fresher than this. Serial Chiller, from Lincoln (me neither, but see below and they’ll explain) have yet to play live. But they’re itching like mad to get going, have got plenty to say and with the release of their debut track ‘Hips Stir’ their quest for world domination has just begun.

Meet Serial Chiller…

BM: Right then boys, time to introduce yourselves to the world…

Spud: We’re Serial Chiller, we chill, regularly. We also make music. The brains behind it are me, a sexy bearded fellow by the name of Spud who also happens to play guitar and sing. And Liam, I like to call him ‘The Noodle King’ due to his love for the cuisine, to you, you’d probably call him the drummer. That’s it, just guitar and drums because despite what Megan Trainor says it’s not all about the bass.

We’re from Lincoln. Not heard of it? Watch The Inbetweeners, I’m pretty sure they rip it.

We met at school, sounds pretty lame but you gotta start somewhere. You don’t just fall out of the sky ready racked up with guitars and amps blasting out killer tunes. You gotta work at it, talk, have fun, chill out. And then if you feel like it, start a band, if not, have a beer.

BM: You’ve got pretty stripped back, somewhat lo-fi approach to your sound. How would you describe it?

Spud: Like someone took grunge out for some counselling to calm the fucker down.

BM: ‘Serial Chiller’ – pretty catchy name for a band – where’s it come from? And what does it say about you as a band?

Spud: It comes from countless times just hanging out, putting records on and vibing.We don’t have a message because we don’t have rules. We just go with it. But if you pass out on the kitchen floor one day and wake up the next scratching your head at your office desk, you’re living chiller.

BM: There’s just the two of – what was it that brought you together and make you want to start a band?

Spud: We got together due to our mutual love of good records and cheap beer. We figured it was the good groundwork to start a band.We dig stuff from Pavement to the Pixies, to Parquet Courts. But we’ve also got a weird side, a dark side – of the moon, yeah we dig some Pink Floyd too. And shit music puns.

Serial Chiller 1

BM: You’re joining an ever increasing group of bands who’ve shunned having a bass player. Was this deliberate, or did it just happen?

Spud: Our first set up was me on guitar. And Liam on bass, took us a few months to realise that wasn’t working out. So we dropped the bass like a dirty dance track does and swapped it for some drums. Like Kanye finding his inner Yeezus we too found our inner selves. Our inner spirit, our chill.

BM: Tell us about the tune…

Spud: Our latest track, ‘Hips Stir’, was written half way through science lessons because the teachers were that fucking dull. It’s about being young and aimless. That loss of purpose you face when you have fuck all to do other than be a purposeless nothing forced to conform to the conveyer belt of school. You wanna escape. You wanna grow up. Join the cult of popular culture, and try to sleep with people. Try.

Spud: We recorded it up in Hull, and before you make jokes about it sounding like Hell, stop. It’s the City of Culture and it rules. We recorded with the King of Kingston himself, Stew, the man at the coolest place in Hull, The Warren. We set up, we plugged in, and we played. Easy as that.

BM: I like approach, straight in no nonsense. Does the same apply to your song writing?

Spud: There’s no direct writing process, we just get together, jam out some notes, some beats and see what happens. We don’t wanna sound like anyone, if we do it’s in our subconscious, but be grateful you made it in there, there’s a lot of freaky shit in there.

BM: Your first gigs just been announced.You looking forward to it?

Spud: Yes! We are yet to gig, yet to face the harsh world of judging faces in the crowd, but we can’t wait. We’re gonna have it.

BM: What’s your parting shot?

Spud: Call me modest, but by the end of 2015 we’re gonna be the biggest band in the world.

You can catch Serial Chiller’s first live gig on September 29th at the Hull Sesh, when they support Cannibal Animal Click HERE for details.

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