Live Review: Dark Horses – Leadmill, Sheffield 30.07.15: Gallery + Interview

“Just get out there and make some noise!!” – Lisa Elle.     

To say I’m a fan of this hugely talented band would be an understatement, their album ‘Hail Lucid State’, has never been out of my car, to the point of nearly being worn away. As an album you never seem to get tired of it. Diverse from start to finish, I seem to hear different parts or harmonies every time I listen. I suppose that’s also down to its excellent production; the actual quality of sound is amazing.

So to find that they are playing near us, as support for the Dandy Warhols in the great venue of the Leadmill, Sheffield, is a pure thrill.


It’s a big crowd for tonight and the sound is just perfect for Lisa’s sensitive, almost sensual vocals. Clear from the offset this band play with confidence holding the crowd in the palm of their hands.  Their set is tantalising.  During ‘Live On Hunger’, the audience are invited to “take a trip, join us on the journey”.  At this point I look round at the crowd who almost seem to be breathing in the music.

The Sheffield crowd is won over. After their set had finished, new fans were taking money out of the hole in the wall to get the bands CD and rushing to have their photos taken with them, which of course they obliged.


Just as the Leadmill was closing and we were being asked to leave by security, we were very lucky to catch up with Lisa and Anastasia to ask them a few questions.

BM: You’ve played with the Dandy Warhols before; did you enjoy Europe?

Lisa: It was great. Some of the venues we played were amazing.  It was just a great experience.

BM: In your set tonight there were some songs I did not recognise?

Lisa:  Yes we played some new stuff. Two new songs to see how they felt and it was good.

BM: Is there lots of new work to come?

Lisa: Yes, we never stop working on new ideas and while we’ve been traveling and playing some new stuff’s come up.

BM: Some of your music feels to me like it could take a different journey, into a dance track collaboration maybe?

Lisa: Yes I’m very happy to work with others. I never stop writing and some of my songs have gone to other artists.


BM: We recently attended an all-dayer and were shocked to find out of 18 bands there had only been one woman on stage. Why do think that was?

Lisa: Who was the promoter?  Maybe they had not noticed when booking. You shouldn’t just have women to make the numbers up, but we know really talented females out there. I think they should think twice to give them a chance.

BM: Do you think it’s difficult for women to be involved in music?

Anastasia: In Italy I had music all around me. I’m from a family of musicians. It was very easy for me. I’ve been playing since I was young.

Lisa: I think you should just pick an instrument up and play it, just keep trying. If it doesn’t feel right try another –just get out there and make some noise!!


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