See: Vowws release new video for ‘Forget your Finery’

Taken from their upcoming ‘Under the World’ album, out in Febraury via Anti-Language, dark electro duo Vowws have released a new video for the first single , Forget your Finery. Turns out, according to Rizz from the band “We didn’t plan to make a video for this song but we didn’t want to just throw up a jpeg.” The result are these glitchy, hypnotic visuals with just a hint of the pulp fiction behind them.

As for the track, it’s this dark, anxious sounding slice of synth/post-punk, with these understated vocals that pull the track together and present the sense of melody the pair have. As Matt from the bands says “Forget Your Finery is one of the most immediate songs on the new record. This time round we wanted to add more elements of different styles & sounds, and go beyond what we did for The Great Sun. We’ve always loved surf-rock, grunge, western, pop… we love mixing elements of our favorite influences, while still trying to make it sound like nothing else.” Mission accomplished.

Check it out, here

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