See: Years Young – ‘Miracles’ Music Video

Staying true to their promise of delivering high quality music, Years Young have just released the music video for their debut single ‘Miracles’. Brace yourself:

I don’t normally like to dwell on previous bands when it comes to the fact that several members go on to form a new one but it has to be discussed after the content of that video. Luke and Gary were members of Ameira and after they parted ways at the end of 2014, Years Young was born. The content of this video shows the visual representation of letting go of the past (in this case by burning it in a huge fire) and what it means for them moving forward. It’s a powerful moment to watch if you were a fan of Ameira and on top of that for anyone who owns a T-Shirt you’re now the proud owner of something quite rare.

Before this video, the track itself was something that had a generalised meaning. You could feel an empathy towards it’s content but it was still open to debate. Now it’s become something bigger, something more meaningful and overall it leaves a much bigger impact. Whether you know the deeper meanings or not, it’s hard to ignore the fact that in the wake of this video, Luke needed to let go of Ameira in order for Years Young to progress. I’m not saying that he was holding on to it or that it clouded any of his judgement. He wasn’t and it didn’t. There are personal reasons and certain aspects that created a creative barrier towards the end of Ameira, but the content of this video is simply saying that Ameira was one thing (and they’ll still be loved fondly by many) but Years Young are a separate entity that stand on their own and should be treated as such.

As for the band itself, this video shows just how well they perform together. For those who are yet to see them live (and believe me you really should) this gives a fantastic indication of what to expect. The way that they perform their individual parts not only shows of their musical abilities but also how they all fit together to create the overall effect. Add to that the fact that the video is incredibly well filmed and edited, it all fits together to show off the many fantastic elements of the band. The lyrics, the melodies, the harmonies, the riffs, rhythms and bass all shine through creating a song and video that showcases just why Years Young are taking off in a big way.

Watch the video, download the song, spread the word and be sure to check out their social media links. For more on Years Young, keep checking back to Backseat Mafia.


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