Track: Christchurch band There’s A Tuesday unveil the delightfully dreamy and fey anthemic track ‘Baby Blue’.

Feature Photograph: Rose Riddell

There’s A Tuesday add to the burgeoning dream pop scene emanating from New Zealand with the absolutely delightful new single ‘Baby Blue’. A track filled with a sense of whimsy and sparkle, ‘Baby Blue’ is a catchy anthemic tune imbued with a sense of yearning, depicting the exquisite pain of love and missed opportunities:

Baby blue I’ve got something to say
You do too, but never on the day
I’m beside you, and I’m looking at you.
We wait for it, maybe that’s why it never comes.

Signed to BENEE’s record label Olive Records, There’s A Tuesday reveal an inherent sense of melody and swagger in this track: the anthemic end is formidable and euphoric – full of charm and insouciance.

The band says of the song:

‘Baby Blue’ is a song that explores a relationship and the anxieties within it. We find these feelings can be so hard to navigate within oneself and with someone else in the picture, even harder. It begins soft and closes with impact, this movement aims to encapsulate the chaos and confusion within the lyrics.

The twin female vocals are soft as velvet and floaty like clouds. The accompanying video, directed by Blue Hamel, was shot in New Zealand. When asked about the music video the band wanted to share their favourite memory creating it:

Our favourite shots of the video are those where Minnie’s head is underwater. To get this footage Nat and Minnie put on wetsuits and plunged themselves into a paddling pool of tap water Minnie is a surfer so she is pretty immune to cold water temperatures but Nat is ah, not so much. Nat actually ended up getting hypothermia so had to evacuate the paddling pool hahaha. Pale and shaking, she ate a raspberry bun in the corner of the room while she came back to her normal self. This is why there are no clips of her hahaha. Looking back maybe we could have organised to use water of a warmer temperature.. hindsight eh.

Like the song itself, the video is filled with a gentle whimsy:

‘Baby Blue’ is out now and available here.

You can catch them on tour in Australia supporting BENEE on Thursday, 7 April and supporting Muroki the next day on Wednesday 6 April, both in Sydney.

There’s A Tuesday are alternating front-women Natalie Hutton and Minnie Robberds, with band members Angus Murray and Joel Becker on drums and guitar.

Feature Photograph: Rose Riddell

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