Track: There’s A Tuesday don’t want to be the ‘Girl At Night’ – a sparkling piece of melodic whimsy with a message from this Christchurch dream pop outfit.

Feature Photograph: Rose Riddell

Signed to BENEE’s record label Olive Records, There’s A Tuesday reveal an inherent sense of melody and melancholy in their new single ‘Girl At Night’ – a track full of charm and insouciance. This follows their earlier single ‘Baby Blue’ reviewed by me here.

There is a message of unrequited love mixed in with the frustrations of vulnerability that this feeling engenders and that women feel when alone in the outside world, creating a need for strength and female empowerment:

I wish Harry didn’t have to walk me home
I don’t wanna be a girl at night
He’s so lovely but I’d rather be alone
I don’t wanna be a girl at night

The band says of the track:

‘Girl At Night’ explores the well-known and all too familiar fear that we as females have experienced being out and alone at night time. We feel this is an experience that is universal amongst wāhine. We hope ‘Girl At Night’ can spread awareness about this and can spark conversations amongst any listeners. No one should have to be scared.

There’s A Tuesday reveal a beautiful and fragile delicacy in the vocals and instruments: psych-tinged reverberated and crystalline guitars bubbling under the yearning vocals and delicate melodies and harmonies.

The accompanying video directed by Lucy Higgens, Natalie Hutton and Minnie Robberds, reveals a languid fluidity with fierce determination and angelic harmonies:

‘Girl At Night is out now through Olive Records / Universal Music NZ and available to download/stream here.

Feature Photograph: Rose Riddell

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