TRACK: Edwin Arzu – ‘Over’: a pristine soul torchsong

IF YOU have a penchant for pristine R’n’B pop songwriting of a very fine order, here’s an upcoming name for you: NYC-born, LA-resident Edwin Arzu.

Born and raised in the Bronx to a Honduran single mother, Edwin’s first steps into creativity came through poetry, which evolved into a passion for songwriting as a teen. He uploaded tunes to MySpace – remember MySpace? – and he drew inspiration and tips from Prince and Sade.

He began making waves on the scene in the Big Apple until a seachange came, as it often does, through loss. Aged 29, back in 2015, he lost his best friend to suicide. Taking stock and inspiration from his mother’s own move to seek another way of being, he crossed to the opposite coast and began reshaping his career in Los Angeles.

He’s had some big songwriting hits Stateside, for Duchi Da Vinchi and Love Mansuy, but he’s only dropped one track under his own name since his new beginning: the gracious, piano-led groove of “Forbidden”, in February.

He’s followed that now with the autumnal textures and lyrical pleas of “Over” – take a listen below to a songwriter baring his soul. It’s got musical nuance and yet it’s a absolute modern soul torch song: a “minimalist approach with maximalist emotions” that sources say runs rampant throughout his forthcoming debut project, Die To Live Again.

To keep abreast of his forthcoming releases, follow Edwin on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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