Track: Evolfo step forward with their second album, titillating with the Pebblesy garage rush of’Strange Lights’

Evolfo, photographed by Will Fyfordy

BROOKLYN’S garage-psych septet Evolfo are shapin’ up good to double the size of their long-playing discography with a June album, Site Out Of Mind, continuing their breathless excursions into the mushroomy and the cosmic that they began four years back on Last Of The Acid Cowboys with glittering nuggets like “Bloody Bloody Knife” and “Luv Like A Freak”.

At all titillated? You should be. Why, here’s the straightahead, Seeds-like rush of “Strange Lights”. Feed your head.

Reportedly recorded in a single take in the band’s Matt Gibbs’ downtown garret, it has all the sweat and rush of the single take it took to capture it, kinda lyrically recounting a bad time being caught by the fuzz.

“This song was never meant to be specifically about me and the time I was wrongfully arrested; we are loath to define the subject matter in such literal terms,” says Matt. 

“However, it would be fair to say that this experience influenced my view of police and the judicial system, and that this particular set of lyrics would not have come to be without it.”

If Last of the Acid Cowboys saw the band investigating the psychedelia of the earthbound and the outside world, then for Site Out Of Mind they’re turning their attention to innerspace: ‘the mountains of the mind’. 

“We’re always going to be in a state of flux,” details Matt, “I consider this to be an exciting, positive thing. We have to embrace our own change.

“If the protagonist of that album died at the end of Last Of The Acid Cowboys, then this was the protagonist’s internal journey, flipping the landscape, and going through the mountain of their mind in that moment of mortality; perhaps a blurring of brain activity between dying and death, between life and the afterlife.”

Site Out Of Mind will be released by Royal Potato Family on June 18th digitally, on limited CD and on vinyl; you can pre-order your copy right now on Bandcamp.

Connect with Evolfo at their website and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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