KRISTIAN GROSTAD is a fjordgutten – a “fjord boy”.

Hailing from Steinkjer on the craggy Norwegian west coast, an eight-hour drive from Oslo, Kristian grew up in a musical household and began writing music when he received a guitar as a gift. A move to Oslo not long afterwards inspired a wave of creativity as he entered this new chapter of his life. 

And now a fjord boy turned city man, he’s shaping a debut album, hopefully to be released over this winter. 

He’s released his debut single via Nordic Records International, and it’s available now to stream on Soundcloud. 

The track, “Feels Lighter”, concerns the sadness – yet relief – at a letting go: “Yeah we don’t we know much/But we can’t remain friends”.

It’s got a bit of New York flowing in its veins, with that wiry new wave riff tumbling the song on – yet there’s a big, big landscape in that voice; a sort of delight in one’s own singing range and strength and theatre that recalls fellow Scandi Kristian Matsson, aka The Tallest Man on Earth. It’s heartfelt, yet could still get you grinning and pogoing in a field at an open-air gig. (Remember them?).

The fjordgutten done good. The album should be very interesting.

Kristian Grostad’s “Feels Lighter” is out now via Nordic Records International, – you can hear the track below.