Track: GoGo Penguin – ‘F Major Pixie (Squarepusher Remix)’: Tom Jenkinson wreaks his inimitable magic

GoGoPenguin, photographed by Jon Shard and remixed by Chris Illingworth

THE EXCELLENT Mancunian trio GoGo Penguin, whose catalogue is full of thrills of jazz with a firm focus on creativity and the dancefloor, working in the same territories as Cinematic Orchestra and Red Snapper, are all set to release a really exciting remixes album, GGP/RMX, for Blue Note in May; and boy, what an excellent line-up of collaborators they’ve brought to the table. For me, this looks set to be the most exciting remixes album since crackers like DJ Food’s Refried Food all those years back now.

We’ve already delighted in the banger that Machinedrum made from the raw materials of “Atomised”, a remake we noted as being ” … absolutely bound for the most hectic of shape-throwing – play this at their home city’s The Ritz and watch that sprung dancefloor bounce seismically; Ninja’s MachineDrum takes ‘Atomised’ and absolutely belts it out into the electro stratosphere as a six-minute odyssey.”

Now they’ve unleashed Chelmsford’s finest, Squarepusher, who’s only gone and got his polyrhythmic teeth into “F Major Pixie”; if you’re familiar with Squarepusher’s work you’ll know he’s about to wipe the floor with you, gloriously. Take a listen below.

What begins in a trilling jazz guitar motif – it’s too quiet, right, where is he? – soon picks up that trademark Tom Jenkinson bass fluidity and some eerie synth wash; more melodic flourishes bring out the spacier elements. You’ll think it’s a relatively respectful, blissful take, but that sense of security is entirely lulling as the track gradually layers into hyperactive polyrhythm, jungle breaks, alien generative static … and back out again. Phew. It can only be Squarepusher.

Elsewhere on the album James Holden gets all cinematic with “Totem”; Clark does that brooding, edgy thing with “Petit_a”, and Graham Massey brings the talents that launched 808 State to “‘Signal In The Noise”.

French producer Rone creates a beautifully reflective new version of that selfsame track Squarepusher wreaks his mighty work on; Tokyo’s spacey indie excursionist Cornelius brings the joy on his invigorating take on “Kora”; and Portico Quartet create an evocative closer with their poignant reconstruction of “Don’t Go”.  

There’s more, much more; looks like it’s gonna be electric music for mind and body.

GoGo Penguin’s GGP/RMX will be released by Blue Note digitally, on CD and on vinyl on May 7th; pre-orders are being taken now.

Connect with GoGo Penguin at their website and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

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