News: Pretty Girls Make Graves to release ‘The New Romance’ 20th anniversary reissue

Michael Lavine

Pretty Girls Make Graves and Matador Records are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the bands sophomore album, ‘The New Romance’. Originally released in 2003, this was the Seattle punk band’s Matador Records debut. 

After more than a decade out of print, the album will return to us in a limited edition white vinyl pressing in stores on November 3. Pre-order that HERE. A deluxe digital version also lands today on digital services and features two b-sides “Magic Lights”, newly available on streaming, and a cover of Bow Wow Wow’s home-taping anthem, “C-30 C-60 C-90 Go!” The band have also posted remastered music videos for the singles “All Medicated Geniuses” and “This is Our Emergency”. 

And what’s more, singer Andrea Zollo and guitarist J. Clark guest on the latest instalment of our Matador Revisionist History podcast series alongside producer Phil Ek and our host, Matt Sweeney. In the podcast, Zollo and Clark go deep on the band’s early years, talking influences (Drive Like Jehu, Ink & Dagger, Fugazi), rock band do’s / don’ts, and what it’s like to practice riffs in a freezing cold paper mache igloo.

Check it out, here

Pretty Girls Make Graves formed in Seattle in 2001. The members – Andrea Zollo, Derek Fudesco, J. Clark, Nick Dewitt, and Nathan Thelen – were already local underground luminaries, owing to their time in punk and hardcore bands like Death Wish Kids, Area 51, and Murder City Devils. 

The quintet released an EP, a handful of 7” singles, and a full-length, Good Health (Lookout! Records), before getting a cold email from Matador Records founder Chris Lombardi, who may or may not have read a positive review in Pitchfork. A deal was struck and the band decamped to the bucolic Bear Creek studio to track ‘The New Romance’ with Ek. 

The reissue serves as the latest entry in Matador Records’ Revisionist History series, our ongoing campaign to jog the record-buying (and streaming!) public’s memory about our many catalogue items now poised to celebrate a significant anniversary.

Over the course of the year, Matador will mark these anniversaries with new reissues and re-pressings. Each release will be accompanied by unreleased music, photos, and videos

‘The New Romance’ Digital Deluxe Edition Tracklist

1. Something Bigger, Something Brighter
2. The Grandmother Wolf
3. Mr. Club
4. All Medicated Geniuses
5. Blue Lights
6. Chemical, Chemical
7. 7.
8. The Teeth Collector
9. Holy Names
10. The New Romance
11. This is Our Emergency
12. A Certain Cemetery 

Check out the videos for ‘All Medicated Geniuses’ and ‘This is Our Emergency’, below:

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