EP Review: Peix – Z.U.K.A.

The Breakdown

...dark kickin techno rollers that shake the speakers...

With the following release ANTIMODUS presents the artist PEIX. With his dark sounds and striking appearance, he fits into the garb of the label.

The beginning of the record presents Fobia, a truly driving techno track. PEIX referred to the theme of Somniphobia with this track. Fobia or Somniphobia is the intense fear of sleep. Remains only to say – lights off, speakers on!

As a complement to this, we are happy to see an amazing remix by Töria. Not only does she like to produce, but as the label owner of OCCULT and part of the live duo UNNATU- RALISM, she is confidently establishing herself in the scene.

Vulto represents the dark figures that haunt. They can be beautiful, weird and scary at the same time. Underlined by shattered sounds and a trippy modular, the tempo doesn‘t let up either. A challenging chase after the uncertain.

At the end, we are accompanied by hammering kicks and modular sounds. Rigor refers to the roughness of the planes of existence. Ethereal and Physical.

Verdict: A solid four track release of dark kickin techno rollers that shake the speakers. Ominous sounds evelope the unrelenting percussion as we speed along through sonic twists and turns. Edging on industrial the production is crisp throughout , keeping a full sound while letting all the elements shine. A quality collection of atmospheric heavy hitters for the dark room.

Track List:


Fobia (Töria Remix)



Out Now @ Z.U.K.A. [EP] | PEIX | ANTIMODUS (bandcamp.com)

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