Track: Jonny Stanback Shares Poignant New Single ‘Intertwined’

Jonny Stanback, formerly the lead singer of the indie rock band THE JACKS, has embarked on a promising solo journey. Moving from the indie-pop of his previous work to more a sound more centred around folk and Americana, the new album ‘BRONCO II’ showcases some beautifully crafted, emotive yet accessible songwriting.

Led by the new single ‘Intertwined’, the projects sound is encompassed on a track which captures the blend of pop melodies over acoustic guitar led instrumentation adorned with understated drums and reverb soaked electrics. Thematically touching on long-distance relationships, a theme drawn from Stanback’s personal life, the track gradually builds before reaching a climactic, yet still restrained final chorus.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the song, Stanback shared, “I wrote ‘Intertwined’ during a long-distance period of my relationship. Even though we were more than 6000 miles apart, we still felt connected almost invisibly and I thought that was sweet. I think I wrote the song for myself and her to catalog that moment in time. It felt special and I think as an artist you try to capture those little moments so you can bring them with you. It’s fun to collect them as you go along.”

Stanback’s solo career is not just about singles. As part of his ambitious ‘Hail Mary Hundred’ challenge for 2024, he aims to release 100 songs, showcasing his relentless creativity and dedication to his craft. This initiative has already seen the release of his new album, BRONCO II, which delves deeper into themes of hope, love, letting go, isolation, and adventure. Each song in the album reflects Stanback’s introspective journey and his ability to translate profound emotions into music.

Listen to the new single and full album below:

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