Track: Kin – Margins

New 3-piece KIN have released their debut single ‘Margins’. For fans of Mew, Sigur Rós, and Explosions In The Sky – KIN’s music is gorgeously orchestrated. From the exquisitely performed vocals, to the carefully paced rhythm section; its high-reaching synths and electronics, partnered with intricate guitar turns make for a stunning combination.

“‘Margins’ is about the bittersweet feelings when moving on from someone you loved.” explain the band. “Fondly reminiscing over the happy times perhaps with the lingering hope it’ll go some way to repair the damage whilst, in the same breath, voicing your resentment for the reasons behind the breakdown of something so valuable.”

In order to realise their lofty ambitions for this new project – the three piece set up their own studio in an unusual setting – free of interruptions. The solitude offered up something of a songwriting sanctuary. A wintery, rain soaked week later, they emerged with 10 tracks, all written, recorded and produced at the cottage. ‘Margins’ is the first of these songs.

‘Margins’ is a sublime song. It’s delicate opening giving way to a subtle sense of grandeur that edges the listener towards a height and then brings them back perfectly.

You can stream ‘Margins’ here

The remainder of the 10 tracks will be released over the coming 9 months, with live shows and more to be announced.
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