Track: Dressmaker – ‘Another Love’ from Skywave tribute album

London’s loudest, strobe addicted noise band dressmaker have just discharged their latest offering to the world. This time round it comes as part of a celebratory package in honour of one of the greatest unsung American bands, Skywave. dressmaker have recorded a cover of ‘Another love’ one of the tracks to feature on ‘Got That Feeling: A Tribute To Skywave’. Once again it’s an eloquent, raw, yet sublime onslaught of noise and a very fitting tribute to a very fine band.

Skywave formed in North Virginia in 1995. High school friends Oliver Ackermann, Paul Baker and John Fedowitz put together a band that would draw heavily on the influences of the Jesus and Mary Chain, Loop, and My Bloody Valentine.With scant regard for what was going on around them, they took the noise and intensity and turned it up a notch. At the time everyone, everywhere was going mad for grunge and hardcore. Skywave bewildered audiences and somewhat alienated them from the ‘in’ crowds.

These days, the hipsters would maybe like us, but in the late ’90s and early 2000s, I felt like we seemed we were from another planet….” – Paul Baker -“… we’d play at some hipster place and they’d seem to hate us as much as the country or Top 40 sort of venues, because what we were doing wasn’t considered cool at the time.We’d play with hardcore, screamo bands, and I think we just blew them away and they didn’t know how to respond. I mean, we were playing songs with actual melodies and we looked like some skinny wimps, but we were louder and weren’t following some awful, flavor-of-the-month sound.

Unperturbed, Skywave continued for eight years, released four albums and, for many. became the best shoegaze band to come out of America. The band split in 2003, Ackermann moved to New York and became the driving force behind A Place To Bury Strangers, as well as setting up world renowned effects pedal company Death By Audio. Baker and Fedowitz stayed at home and stuck together and formed their own band ‘Ceremony’.

Now some 12 years later, dedicated fan Renato Malizia, from São Paolo, Brazil has  through his blog, come record label, ‘The Blog That Celebrates Itself’, put together a free digital compilation called ‘Got That Feeling: A Tribute to Skywave’ featuring, along with dressmaker, A Place To Bury Strangers, Static Daydream, Stellarscope, We Miss The Earth and many more of today’s leading purveyors of noise.

Got That Feeling: A Tribute to Skywave is scheduled for release on June 20th 2015.




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