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With their new album ‘Ngélar’ out now via Guruguru Brain, Indonesian collective Lair have shared the second track from the album with an accompanying video, ‘Setan Dolbon’. They have also been confirmed to play at this year’s SXSW.

Tha band comments:

“Originating from a true story around the year 2013 in a village in Jatiwangi, a troubling phenomenon occurred that instilled fear, suspicion, and mutual accusations among the local residents. At that time, there were repeated discoveries of objects suspected to be human feces in the areas surrounding the residents’ housing and even in public spaces. Rumours spread, giving rise to speculations regarding the cause of these findings, ranging from animal mischief, actions of mentally ill patients, to suspicions of black magic rituals for wealth. This unrest peaked within the community, forcing the local police to intervene and participate in the residents’ night patrols.

Medical personnel from the Jatiwangi Health Center also took part in investigating the suspected feces. Alarmingly, medical laboratory test results reported that the feces contained both human baby feces and animal feces.

The situation became even stranger when there were rumours of the simultaneous disappearance of the Yellow Bamboo Ruyuk plants/bushes at all the crime scenes. The local residents believed the Yellow Bamboo Ruyuk to be a plant that wards off black magic. The anxiety almost turned into chaos when accusations began to fly among the residents, especially towards those who suddenly appeared to have excess wealth. The police, village officials, and local religious figures eventually agreed to advise the residents to seek refuge in God and religion, and not to let the slander escalate. To this day, this sensational case has never been resolved, leading residents to always seek refuge in God and Religion when recalling the case, which eventually became known as the legend of the DOLBON DEMON.”

Hypnotic psychedelic folk that feels more like a 4 minute dream with the interplaying melodic guitars, waves of crashing cymbals and the possessed vocals of Karyssa Matindas. It’s a clash of genres and world music that’s both interesting, hugely listenable and bloody brilliant. You may have just found your new favourite band.

Check it out, here

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‘Ngélar’ track list & translations:
1. Tatalu (⁠The Prelude/The Offering);
2. Pesta Rakyat Pabrik Gula (People’s Revelry for the Sugar Factory);
3. Tanah Bertuah (⁠Prospers of the Land);
4. Hareeng (⁠In Delirium);
5. Boa-Boa (⁠Perhaps);
6. Bangkai Belantara (⁠The Ruins of the Forest);
7. Kawin Tebu (⁠Mingling of the Noble Cane);
8. Setan Dolbon (⁠The Demon, Dolbon);
9. Gelombang Pemecah Malam (⁠Ripples of the Night);
10. Mencari Selamat (⁠Seeking for Land of Salvation)

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