Track: Lee Bains III + The Glory Fires – Underneath the sheets of white noise

Underneath the sheets of White Noise is the latest track to be taken from the new album from Lee Bain III + The Glory Fires, Youth Detention which drops on June 30th via Don Giovanni Records. Based on Bains’ real life upbringing in Birmingham, Alabama where he witness racism and white radicaization at first hand, the track sits somewhere between southern rock and punk, as if Creedence were doing a number on The Buzzocks. It drives onward, the chorus is harmony laden punk all the way, but there’s a flavour to the guitars that takes you a long way from Manchester 1979. Add to it a splash of noise and a hook you can’t get out of your mind, and there’s something you can’t ignore right there.

See (or at least hear) for yourselves, here

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