Track: Low Hummer – Take Arms

Not content with blowing us away with their previous releases The Real Thing and Picture Bliss, Hull quintet Low Hummer have released their new single ‘Take Arms’ on Leeds’ Dance To The Radio records. 

While the band have long tackled themes of social isolation, manipulation and misinformation, ‘Take Arms’ lands on an day where the world waits for America to make it’s potentially catastrophic electoral decision and finds the band at their most overtly political and apocalyptic as guitarist and singer Daniel Mawer explains: 

“I was pretty engrossed in the idea of the end of the world when I wrote ‘Take Arms’. I wanted to write a rallying call that would attempt to address everyone, at a point in the near future where we are at the edge of no return.”

Scratchy guitars and electronic buzzing, sit on a bed of pulsing bass as Mawer’s voice cuts through the noise sounding like a public service announcement. Its noisy, brashy and brilliant.

Check it out, here

Find out more about the band via their Facebook

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